Light Fixture Cleaning

We perform light fixture cleaning for commercial, institutional and residential customers throughout New York and the surrounding metropolitan area. If you have light fixtures that are difficult to clean, hard to reach, or both, call us and we will come by to give you a free estimate.

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We will be pleased to provide a free estimate for those hard to clean fixtures

Light fixtures can pose one of the most difficult cleaning challenges in a home, commercial building, public building, church, outdoor area or many other places. They are often mounted at difficult to access heights, are made of mixed materials like glass and metal and cannot be allowed to become exposed to moisture in the electrical areas. We have the equipment and skill to clean any type of fixture.  Some examples include:

  •  Crystal chandeliers. Each crystal has to be cleaned individually and often the metal finish cannot come in contact with cleaners. We have special techniques for cleaning these
  •  Commercial fixtures. Large glass and acrylic bowls are difficult to clean at high mounting heights and become the final resting place for bugs. We know how to clean them correctly.
  • Church and Cathedral Fixtures. Often mounted at great height of 50 to 150 feet or more. We have the equipment to reach them. 
  • Outdoor luminaires.  Post mounted lanterns are exposed to the elements and dirt greatly reduces light output. We will brighten up the whole area.
  • Large entry chandeliers. In homes and businesses, these should have lowering devices but very often do not. We will rise to meet them.

There is no reason to risk injury to yourself, your employees or anyone else that is not qualified to clean light fixtures. Call a professional like us who have the experience, equipment and skill to get the job done.

We provide light fixture cleaning for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, northern and central New Jersey, southeastern New York and southwestern Connecticut.

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