Example prices are for windows without A/C units, child gates, stoppers and broken mechanisms.

Storm windows or city quiet windows are counted as an additional window. Additional charges may 
 also apply if the glass in your windows requires the removal of glue and/or requires the scraping of paint from the window panes. Oxidation removal (acid/chemical cleaning) is not included

Regular double-hung tilt-in windows. Cost $10 - $14 per window (32" x 60")


Building sliding windows Cost $8-$12 per glass panel (32" x 60") 


Set of 3 windows. 2 tilt-in windows and picture window Cost $33-$45 per set


Regular multiple-pane windows (12 panes)
Cost $12-$18 per window


Set of windows floor to ceiling  Cost $6-$10 per glass pane

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